We are two sisters from a food and wine loving family who are not ready or willing to compromise our lifestyle to become healthy and happy.


That’s us, in a nutshell. To elaborate, Catie is a vegan, yes you heard right; a V E G A N, coming from an ethical and awareness point of view. Cissi is more of a health freak (not all the time) when it comes to food and focuses on nutrition and the medicinal effects of our food.


Together we cook, develop and alter recipes, create and not least of all enjoy foods that are delicious, smack packed with nutrition, that does not wear and tear on your body and most importantly that we can enjoy with family and friends.


We have been looking for recipes where meat, dairy, sugar and processed food is not the main ingredient and where strange ingredients and hard-to-get-products are not trying to make up for these ingredients. There are a lot of lovely and inspirational food blogs out there, however, we feel that these are manly aimed at people who have cooking and health as a main hobby in their lives or have a way of looking at life that does not at all go in line with our own lifestyle.


Our aim is to deliver straightforward advice and tips along with uncomplicated yet delicious and inspiring whole foods based recipes to help you in your busy everyday life to make informed decisions that will benefit your body and mind.


We hope you will enjoy!


Much love,


Catie and Cissi



And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any thoughts, questions or other feedback. We would love to hear from you.


E-mail us at catieandcissi@gmail.com