I don’t think that I’m the only one that feels like having a bowl of soup these days, to heat you up from the inside out. Well, I’m laying at home in bed so apart from the fact that I want to indulge in something yummy I want something truly nutritious to stop my nose from running and my throat from clogging up (irresistible I know) and something that’s easy to make since all I want to do is to crawl back under my duvet in the couch and watch Love Actually (I think I know every line in that movie, pathetic).



Anywho, what I came up with was this; an avocado and lemon soup topped with pumpkin seeds and on the side, a bruschetta with parsley, olive oil and garlic marinated mushrooms. From this easy meal you get cold-and flu-busting lemon and garlic. The herbs and the olive oil are anti-inflammatory and you a get yourself some iron and Vitamin D (which we otherwise get from the sun) from the mushroom. The avocado treats you to some healthy fat that is great for moisturizing your skin, which can be particularly dry at this time of year. And, it’s easy peasy to make… enough said, you get the picture.




To feed one person you will need:


Mushrooms, 4-5

Flat Parsley, 1 handful

Salt, a large pinch

Olive oil, about 3 tablespoons

Garlic, 1 medium sized clove


Avocado, 1

Vegetable broth, about 3 dl

Lemon juice, from about ¼ of a lemon

Shallot, 1 small


To serve:

Pumpkin seeds


Sourdough, 1-2 slices




Start with cutting the mushrooms in small pieces, put in a bowl and add olive oil, salt, minced garlic and chopped up parsley. The mushrooms should be a bit yellowish and not their normal white, if not, add more olive oil. Stir to mix it all up and set a side to marinate.


Bring the vegetable broth to a boil, lower the heat and let simmer.


In a mixer, put the pitted avocado together with the shallot, add about 1 dl broth and mix until the onion is properly minced. Pour in a bowl and add the lemon juice, a good pinch of salt and pour over the rest of the broth, stir to get a creamy consistency.


Toast the sourdough slices and scoop the mushrooms on top, sprinkle some chopped up chives and some pumpkin seeds on top of the soup and voila, done and done!






Much love