By the time you read this I will be in Vietnam on holiday, the Chinese celebrate mid autumn festival and this is the time when people return to their hometowns, villages and provinces. Me, I’m going to Hanoi and the mountain village of Sapa.

While I’m away enjoying myself on holiday I thought that I’d give you something to treat yourself with as well. Behold, the chocolate truffle. It is the easiest recipe I have and still delicious! It only contains 3 ingredients (ok plus salt and a splash of water but anyway) and combined they will give you a lovely, smooth and dark chocolate treat which you can eat as it is (for hard core chocolate lovers) or add any spice or compliment you like to give it a twist, truly a versatile recipe.

So, you will need (for about 10 truffles):

½ dl chocolate powder (I use organic raw cacao powder from Navitas Naturals)

¾ dl pecans

4 Medjoul dates

A pinch of salt

A splash of water if the food processor is having a hard time moulding it all together

Put all of the ingredients in a food processor and press ON. Tada, done!

The ingredients should be processed until they become one big chunk of dark brown deliciousness. Put it in the fridge and let sit for about 30 min before forming it the way you like. Add, well, anything you like. I rolled my truffles in chocolate powder, coconut, almond flour, sesame seeds, chilli powder and goji berries (basically what I had at home). But the sky is the limit. You can add a twist of orange juice in the dough and cover it with orange zest, add ginger or sea salt or mint leaves with lime for a Mojito version or dried strawberries and basil. Or press down the dough in a cake form, keep in the fridge or even freezer, then to serve; slice and serve with some fresh berries and coconut cream.








Ok, as you can see, I can go on forever, but I’m sure you get the picture! They are best when a little bit chilled so serve them straight out of the fridge.

I hope you will enjoy!